Richard Durant

richard durant

#EPIC -  300K Rideau Trail Run (Kingston to Ottawa)

What drives you to your #EPIC?  Discovery is learning for everyone. The Rideau Trail offers a unique adventure to discover something beyond myself and to contribute by sharing my #300kRideauTrail2018 Expedition with others with the aim to experience what's possible while running from Kingston to Ottawa via the Rideau Trail.

Why do you support i2P? I have always had a passion for helping our young people see the possibilities! My Heroes the impossible2Possible (i2P) Youth Ambassadors encourage me to reach beyond my perceived limits as it's a two-way medium to Educate, Inspire and Empower each other and discover and learn with each adventure.

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Agnes jung

#EPIC - Faroe Island Running Expedition August 2018

What drives you to your #EPIC? Simply put, it's my passion for the outdoors. I always enjoyed nature, hiking and camping, but as I recently discovered trail running, I also realized that I can cover longer distances running. Hence, see more. I love exploring new trails and stepping out of my comfort zone, seeing just how far I can go. As an added bonus, this sport has also connected me with some amazing people I now call friends.

Why do you support i2P? As a longtime scout leader, I've seen the benefits of experiential learning. However, using adventure as a platform makes learning that much more exciting! What's even more special is that the educational program is delivered to students by their peers (Youth Ambassadors). It is easy to support an organization who's mandate is to educate, inspire and empower young people!

Favorite Quote: "I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order" John Burroughs



Leanne richardson

#EPIC - 100Miler

What drives you to your #EPIC? I am passionate about coming alongside others to help them discover the adventure in their own lives. Our lives, the good and the bad, help shape us into becoming who we are today.  Helping others discover their value and to pursue their dreams gives me even more drive to chase my own!

Why do you support i2P? I have always had a soft spot for young people. Growing up I did not have many people who believed in me. I think everyone should have 'cheerleaders' to encourage them to believe that they can in fact dream big for their lives. Learning about the vision/mission of i2P I knew that I wanted to be available to help raise awareness and to provide whatever support that I could. 

Favorite quote? Don't Think Just Do! (something she says to herself often)

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#EPIC - Faroe Island Running Expedition August 2018

What drives you to your #EPIC? 

Making a difference in the life of those around me, whether it’s through empowerment or inspiration, and simply making someone smile.  Knowing I can touch someone’s life in a positive way makes ME smile ☺ 

In August 2018 Agnes Jung and I have set a goal to run on all of the 18 islands of the beautiful Faroe Islands archipelago, located between Iceland and Norway in the Norwegian Sea.  Over the course of 2 weeks, we will run a combination of roads and trails, using tunnels, bridges and ferries to cross from one island to the next, where we plan on spending time with the local villagers and youth to learn about the culture and their way of living.  We also hope to have some of the youth run with us on our journey.  

Why do you support i2P? 

I2P’s mandate of educating, empowering and inspiring youth around the world to go beyond their perceived limits is a cause that is very close to my heart: as a mother of 2 boys, I strive daily to empower my own boys to work hard, believe in themselves, set goals, dream big and most of all, never give up, no matter how difficult it gets.  Furthermore, i2P’s vision of creating experiential learning programs where youth, worldwide, are given the chance to learn through amazing adventures, free of charge, is a chance I believe all kids should have in our world.  

I2P believes learning can be made more meaningful by placing it in the context of extraordinary experiences.  So do I.

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Andrew Titus

#EPIC -  

What drives you to your #EPIC?  In the heart of wilderness, with all of my sense snapping and whirring, in the company of fellow explorers of the spirit and the land, I come home to myself.  It is in these moments, sometimes long and arduous but always audacious and filled with the real joy of being alive, that I believe life has a meaning.

Why do you support i2P? In reaching out to school children of all ages (for free!) and inspiring them to learn about life and conditions around the world, as well as show them first-hand what pushing from impossible to possible looks like on a day to day basis, I believe that we are nurturing the most important thing:  the dreams and confidence of our kids. Isn't this what all great explorers have striven to do?

Favorite quote? "Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” Muhhamad Ali

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2017 i2P Gesine.jpg

Gesine Freund

#EPIC -  Montreal - Ottawa (Take 2) #MTL2OTT2018

What drives you to your #EPIC?  A proud mom of two fabulous teenagers and avid ultra-distance runner, her altruism and determination bear testament to living your life with purpose, enjoying new challenges and being a strong positive role model.

Why do you support i2P? Being surrounded by and working with kids and youth inspires me! They are full of energy, talent and creativity - we shouldn't underestimate, but inspire and empower, educate them! Ray's vision and the mandate of i2P accomplish exactly that. I believe that we should lead by example, be the best we can be; and support others in achieving their goals.

To run with me, or find out how you can help me fundraise for i2P, please contact me at 613-866-5914. 


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anna Huh

#EPIC - Bad Beaver Ultra

What drives you to your #EPIC? Pushing myself to do things outside my comfort zone. Challenging myself to do things which are going to test my physical and mental abilities. After raising -and still going- 4kids I need something to call my 'own'. Running is something I reward myself and in return I hope to 'reward' those around me with a kinder, stronger, more thoughtful ANNA.

Why do you support i2P? I can't think of anything more rewarding than supporting our youth, they are our future after all!!! We need fearless leaders with courage and compassion. We need to show our youth that the possibilities are endless. There are no limits to what can be accomplished. I want to help our youth believe that they are all capable of turning the 'Impossible 2 Possible'.

  Favorite quote? "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't ... you're right" Henry Ford.